Our Story

Crowdlify is created around a vision of iterative and agile crowdfunding, a platform that’s designed to scale with your business. Crowdfunding shouldn’t be a destination, crowdfunding is the journey!

In 2017, I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign that unfortunately didn't make it, the experience was truly disappointing. I’ve tried really hard and gave it all I had, but I wasn’t able to gear enough momentum to reach my funding goal. My goal was to fund my first production run, build a customer base, and hopefully launch and grow my business from there.

This experience led me to ask; why not as a startup or brand, be able to confidently crowd-fund multiple production-runs for my products? Why not be able to assess the demand before taking pre-orders from backers and risking my brand’s reputation?

Why not scale my production through crowdfunding, produce the right amount of the right product to the right customer and avoid production waste?

Why not be able to improve my product with every production run? Why not make crowdfunding an integral part of my business growth strategy?

To answer those questions, why not launch your campaign on Crowdlify?

Anas Alshanti