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Help / FAQ


What is Crowdlify?

Crowdlify is a rewards-based crowdfunding and pre-order platform for product and projects created by Anas Alshanti¬†ūüĎčūüŹľ¬†as well as¬†curated products by inspiring designers.

Crowdlify uses the power of Fundlify at its core, a solution created to support brands assess the demand and mitigate the risk of creating new products. To help produce the right amount of the right product to the right customer, and ultimately help the environment through avoiding production waste.

Want to know how Crowdlify started? Read our story...


How does Crowdlify work?

When you submit your product to us, we will contact you to collect your campaign details, and understand how your orders will be fulfilled. We will launch your campaign on Crowdlify. When the campaign ends, we will place an order with you to fulfill those order to your campaign backers. 


What's special about Crowdlify?

  • You get to support startups and bring their products to life!
  • Exclusive deals and special offers on great products from inspiring creators, startups and brands.
  • Confidently pre-order and reserve the lowest deal price only by submitting your email. During the Commits phase, no payment is required! When the pre-order goal is reached, you can then opt to make a payment. Your reserved deal price will be guaranteed.
  • All products on Crowdlify are in production or available in-stock and ready for delivery.


What is a Commits phase?

Some campaigns include a phase called Commits or Reservations. We call this type of campaign Split Crowdfunding; the first phase is called Commits (reservations), and the second phase is Pre-orders.

During the Commits phase, you can reserve a deal price on product only with your email. When the commits goal is reached, you will be notified in an email to complete your order and pay. Please note that the pre-order phase is usually no more than 7 days.

When a campaign's commits (reservations) goal is reached, that would be a good indicator that the product is in-demand, and therefore, there is a high chance for that campaign to reach its pre-orders goal. 

Brands find this agile process very helpful, they can make better decisions like decreasing or increasing production capacity or inventory and helps them fulfill orders faster.


What is a Split Crowdfunding or pre-order campaign?

A split campaign is a campaign that has two phases. The first phase is called Commits or Reserves. The following is Pre-orders. When a campaign consists of those two phases, it’s called a Split Crowdfunding or pre-order campaign.


How to participate in a campaign?

Select a product that you want to pre-order, enter your email, and hit submit. If the campaign includes Commits, you can enter your email and hit submit, by doing so, you reserve the lowest deal price for that product.

Once the Commits goal is reached, we’ll send you an email to let you know that the pre-order phase has started, you can then opt to pre-order and make a payment at the reserved deal price by entering the same email you’ve entered during the commits phase.


When does a campaign end?

Some pre-order campaigns end on a specific date (Limited), regardless of whether they reach their goal or not. Other campaigns remain open until the pre-order goal is reached (Open).

Most campaigns end when the pre-order goal is reached, even before the campaign end date for Limited campaigns.

Other campaigns may continue to take pre-orders beyond the set end date, which means that the vendor is prepared to take more pre-orders.

If the campaign ends during the commits phase, committers will be notified in an email that the campaign has ended. Usually, this means that there has not been enough interest in a product or based on the vendor’s request.





How are products curated Crowdlify?

We’re passionate about discovering new products and hidden gems and sharing them with you. We curate products by partnering with startups and brands that we love and believe in. We also receive product submissions from startups and brands who love us too :)

If you have a great product, please submit it to us by sending an email to





Is Committing to a campaign an obligation to pre-order?

Absolutely not!¬†Committing to a campaign merely showing your interest in a product and reserving the early bird deal price, if the campaign does not hit its Commits goal, the campaign ends, and everyone goes home. If the Commits goal is reached and pre-order phase stats, there is no obligation on your side to pre-order, however, we will be a little sad ūüėĘ


Can I modify my order during Commits phase?

Yes, you can Commit for a different product option -if available- using the same email you used the first time you Committed.


Can I modify my order during the pre-order phase?

Yes, you can select a different product option -if available- using the same email you used the first time. The early-bird deal price that you got during the Commits phase will be guaranteed during the pre-order phase using the same email you used during the Commits phase.


Can I modify my pre-order when campaign ends?

You can modify your order as long as:

  • An alternative option and quantity from the same campaign are available.
  • Payments for pre-orders are not yet captured. When a campaign ends, we generally collect backers' payments within a few hours. Therefore, it‚Äôs best to contact us right away to see if we can modify your order. Simply send an email to¬†¬†and we‚Äôll attend to your request swiftly.
  • Pre-orders have not yet shipped by the vendor. In this case, unfortunately, there isn‚Äôt much we can do. You need to wait for your order to arrive and return it to the return address attached to your order.


Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, email us at We will check your order status and determine cancellation eligibility, in most cases, we follow the vendor’s terms of cancellation.





What are the accepted payment methods and currency on Crowdlify?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Shop Pay, and Apple Pay,

We accept payments in ‚ā¨ EUR. For example, If your credit card currency is in USD, your bank may charge a currency exchange fee to complete the transaction. For refunds, we‚Äôll reverse the transaction in full for the amount it was initially captured in ‚ā¨ EUR.





Shipping rates are automatically calculated at checkout based on the delivery destination.





We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase! If we made a mistake or the item arrived defective, we can offer a refund or a reship of the same item. 

Claims must be submitted within 14 days after having received the product. You must provide photos of the faulty item and send them to

For crowdfunding & pre-order campaigns; we follow our partner brands’ shipping & refunds policy will be clearly communicated in each campaign.